5 Qualities to Look For In A Food Labeling Machine


As a co-packer, you need a dependable food labeling machine that can handle many different products with ease. Shopping for the perfect food labeling machine may be difficult if you're unsure of what to look for. That's why we've compiled this list of the top five qualities you need for your next food labeling investment.

  1. Reliability - Your food labeling machine needs to function day in and day out without excessive down time or maintenance. Any disruption to service could set you back by days or weeks. Ideally, you will choose a machine that is easy to setup and use with minimal training.
  2. Quality Construction - Quality construction is a major part of keeping your operation running. Not only does your labeling machine need to fit in line with your other packaging equipment, it also needs to produce little waste and eliminate any debris that could contaminate food. Furthermore, you need to know that there are parts available if anything should ever wear out, so you can have the machine repaired promptly.
  3. Accuracy - No matter what kind of foods you are packaging, you need a machine that can place labels accurately, hundreds or thousands of times. Using built in sensors and manual adjustments you should be able to pinpoint exactly where your labels need to land on the packaging each time to avoid looking sloppy.
  4. Delicacy - For food products in particular, you need a machine that can delicately but firmly place labels. You don't want the machine to destroy the finished food products by applying too much pressure, but you also don't want your labels to fall off because they are improperly adhered. Look for a machine that offers control over the pressure mechanisms so you can set a safe threshold for whatever foods you're working with.
  5. Long Term Support - The right labeling machine is about more than just the machine itself. It's also about which equipment partner you will have by your side whenever you need support. You need to buy a machine that is backed with a quality assurance warranty, and a service team that can help troubleshoot and repair issues in a timely manner. Finally, you should look to the manufacturers that offer on-site training and setup so you can be sure the machine is operating properly from the second it gets delivered.

These are just five of the most important qualities to look for in your next food labeling machine. At Pack Leader USA, we offer food labeling equipment to handle a wide range of packaged foods including: front and back labels, top and bottom labels, and even c-wrap labels. All of our machines come with the dependability and accuracy that you need to create a high quality finished product every time. They also come with the full support of the Pack Leader USA team.

To learn more about food labeling machines from Pack Leader USA, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.