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The Kombucha Craze is Here: Get Your Label On!

Kombucha teas are growing rapidly in popularity as more people become aware of their proposed health benefits. As a result, manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with demand, meaning they need faster production machines and better labeling equipment. Pack Leader USA has the perfect solution...

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Designer Perfume Labels for the Modern Cosmetic Company

In recent years, perfume manufacturers have gone out of their way to create exotic looking bottles that speak to their customer base. As a result, the type of technology needed to label these bottles has gotten more complex. Simple wrap around and front/back labeling machines are no longer...

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Did You Know: Cannabis Infused Products Are Spreading Like Wildfire!

As legal cannabis has become increasingly popular in the last several years, cannabis connoisseurs are becoming even more creative when it comes to infusing cannabis in everyday recipes. With this new experimentation and willingness to try new things, comes a great responsibility to present your...

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