Using Pressure Sensitive Labelers on Cosmetics

Pressure sensitive labelers offer a superior means of affixing labels to cosmetic containers of any size. They use a simple in-line setup to carefully place labels around cylindrical containers including bottles, jars, tubes and pencils. This makes them a prime choice for cosmetics manufacturers...

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Flexible Automatic Label Applicator for Your Complete Line of Cosmetics

When we think about labeling equipment for cosmetics we often think in terms of what one machine can do for one product. In reality, an automatic label applicator may be the answer to creating beautiful labels for your entire product line. New label machines are flexible and easy to use, so they...

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Cosmetic Labels Designed for Beauty

Why do people buy cosmetics in the first place? Most often these products are designed to make them feel beautiful and elegant. Your cosmetic labels need to exemplify these properties as well if you want to convince people that your products can help them achieve their desired look. Here are a...

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Don't Let Your Cosmetics Label be an Afterthought

When you got into the cosmetics game you were probably super excited about the possibility of creating new products with ingenuity and creativity. However, packaging and label design often fall by the wayside in the excitement of creating a great product that works. Now is the time to start...

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