Shrink Sleeve Labeling: For All Of Your Odd Shaped Containers

As manufacturing processes have gotten simpler, many companies are looking for creative ways to make their products stand out. Unusually shaped containers are flooding the market, allowing companies to package their products in artistic and easy to use containers rather than plain bottles and jars....

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Brand and Label Your THC Product With Automatic Labeling Machines

The time is now to start branding and labeling your THC products with automatic labeling machines. As more cannabis companies have come to the market, the race is on to determine which companies will become the gold standard for professionalism in the industry. Automatic labeling machines are...

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Cosmetic Shrink Sleeve Labeling With Tamper Evident

Cosmetics companies are fighting to keep their products safe on the way to consumers. One way of achieving this is with the help of shrink sleeve technology and tamper-evident seals. Shrink sleeve labels have become especially useful for the wide range of compact pencils and tubes that are used...

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