Printed Shrink Sleeves Gone Wrong

Have you ever picked up a product from the shelf and noticed that the image on the shrink sleeve label is visibly distorted or twisted? What about when the printed shrink sleeves are applied in a way that makes the barcode or text illegible? Both of these cases have a major impact on the way...

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3 Common Beer Bottle Labeling Mistakes

As you walk down the aisle of your local liquor store and browse their selection of beers, what is it that makes some products stand out above others? Have you ever noticed that some brands seem to cut corners when it comes to their labeling process? Here are three of the most common mistakes we...

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Food Labeling Machinery in Action

Food labeling machinery can be incredibly complex and fast moving. Ensuring that your products are being correctly labeled, and that the labels maintain their integrity when they are placed on your package are both vital to quality marketing. Fortunately, the PL-221C Clamshell labeler and the ...

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Shrink Labels Make Curvy Containers Look Good

Your design team worked long and hard to create a beautiful, unique label designs for your product. However, all those curves and accents make it nearly impossible to lay down a label using conventional equipment. In order to eliminate bubbles, tears and wrinkles in your labels, you must turn to...

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