Consider These 4 Things When Labeling Your Company's Household Cleaning Products

Great household cleaning product labels are compliant, made from the best-fit material, and are appropriately applied.

Household cleaning product labels are no different than labels for other consumer goods: you want them to grab attention to help sell the product and be durable enough to look good...

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CBD Round-Up: Tips for Labeling CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and More

The public’s perception of CBD is changing, and knowledge about its uses and benefits is growing.

According to a recent survey by the Harris Poll in conjunction with Quartz involving 2,000 participants, 86% of respondents were aware of CBD. In 2015, CBD surpassed THC in Google searches. More people...

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From Craft Beer Bottles to Crowlers: Here's What To Know About Beer Labels

Craft beer drinkers agree that packaging and labels influence their purchasing decision.

A beer with an amateurish label will not end up in a beer geek’s shopping cart. Nielsen reported in their 2017 Craft Beer Category Design Audit that 66% of craft beer drinkers say the package or label is...

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From Perfume to Eye Liner: Labeling Tips for Cosmetics Manufacturers

Your cosmetics labeling has to push past a sea of competitors and give consumers a reason to buy.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a $500 billion business. For perspective, the first time the movie industry reached $100 billion was in 2019. To capture a piece of the beauty and cosmetics market,...

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