Why It’s Time to Update Your Perfume Bottle Labels

Outdated label designs and inconsistent applications can send the wrong message to consumers.

Stagnation occurs when a change IS necessary, but the manufacturer refuses to accept progress or fix a glaring flaw. 

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Should You Hire a Co-Packer to Package Your CBD Oil?

The right answer depends on your business growth goals. 

If your CDB company is exceeding sales numbers and has ambitious growth goals, you may have to decide if you want to build up your operations or turn it over to a co-packer. It's a tough choice, and it depends on your financial position,...

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The Best Automatic Labeling Machines For Jars & Bottles

Upgrading to fully automatic labeling equipment can increase consistency and output.

Increasing productivity increases profits. That statement probably didn’t cause you to slap your forehead and shout, “Eureka! The missing piece of advice that will finally turn everything around.” 

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Printed Beer Cans vs. Beer Can Labels: Which is Better?

The right choice will be cost-effective, on-brand, and on-point with customer expectations. 

Upon meeting Sherlock Holmes, John Watson experienced a test of Holmes’ deductive powers. After inspecting Watson’s watch for a few moments, Holmes reasoned that the watch came to Watson from his older...

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