Hiring a CBD Contract Manufacturing Business?


Here’s what to do before hiring a CBD contract manufacturing company.

If you’re deciding whether you should hire a CBD contract manufacturing company, contract packager, or co-packer, it probably means your CBD product is selling in such numbers that your current production output can’t match it....

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How Can CBD Manufacturers Improve CBD Packaging Lines?


CBD manufacturers need a way to package fast, accurately, and efficiently.

So, you have a problem with your CBD packaging line. It's not a unique problem to you, or even to the CBD industry in particular. It's a universal issue, and that's the battle between speed and accuracy. Push your line too...

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4 Benefits of the CP-10 Cosmetic Bottle Capping Machine


The right bottle capping machine can increase speed and accuracy while minimizing mistakes.

It can be challenging to compare costs between bottle capping machines because the metrics can differ. For example, consider car ownership. Yes, a single Uber ride is far cheaper than purchasing a car....

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How Ops Managers & Co-Packers Can Improve CBD Packaging Lines


Speed up CBD packaging operations to get more products into the hands of customers faster.

In an ideal world, your CBD packaging line would operate with 100% efficiency. Equipment would never suffer any failures or downtime, employees would do their jobs with no mistakes, materials would always...

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Why Choose FL-12 as Your Cosmetics Bottle Filling Machine


Find out how the right bottle filling machine can improve your current cosmetic packaging line.

What are the most important metrics for determining packaging line efficiency in your cosmetics production facility? This question may sound rhetorical, but it's one that should be in the back of your...

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