Entry Level Labelers for Kush Products


While many manufacturers of kush products are in their earliest marketing and production stages, the companies that are getting the most attention are those that have already launched professional, full-scale packaging initiatives. Labeling kush containers with clean logos and concise information for the consumer is a huge factor for dispensaries looking to stock their shelves with trusted brands and products. These entry-level machines are perfect for new growing and packaging facilities who want to up their game.

Top Labelers


Kush products come in many varieties and can be packaged in many different ways. Some of the simplest packages include sealed bags. A top labeler from Pack Leader USA can quickly lay down labels on the front of bags which can be hung on hooks or displayed on a table. This is one of the simplest labeling solutions available for new packaging facilities and can save you a ton of time and money. If you're worried that a top labeler might smash your products, don't be! These machines are perfectly calibrated to apply just enough pressure to the label to guarantee adhesion without damaging the products inside. They are even gentle enough to package bread and other pastries, so you can be sure that your kush products are safe and sound.

Top & Bottom Labelers


If you need to add more information to your labels and you simply can't fit it all onto a front-facing label, a top and bottom labeler is the answer. The benefit of a top and bottom labeler is that you can use the front face to draw attention to your logo and branding while putting all of the finer details on the reverse side. These labelers use dual labeling heads so you can place both labels in one pass and save time.

Wrap-Around Labelers


A common alternative to bagged kush products is jarring. Small glass jars are incredibly difficult to label by hand due to their size and the contour of the sides. Fortunately, a wrap-around labeler can spin hundreds of these jars off the line in just minutes. Jars help keep products sealed tightly and offer a great opportunity for your customers to see their products before they buy. The best part is that wrap-around labelers are extremely versatile and can handle very tiny medicine bottles, topical jars, tubes and more with great accuracy. Both the ELF-50 and the PL-501 are popular wrap-around label machines in our line that are ideal for entry-level users.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling


If a simple jar or bag just won't do, worry not! Shrink sleeve labelers are designed to help with labeling kush containers of any size and style. Shrink sleeves can wrap tightly around containers with many complex curves and details to give you a really high-end appeal. In addition, shrink sleeves work with tamper-evident seals so you can guarantee the freshness of your products. This added feature is widely used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries already and is a great fit for kush products.

No matter what style of container you are using for your kush products, you can rest assured that Pack Leader USA has a labeling solution for labeling kush containers. Big or small, bags or jars, we have equipment that is ready to apply labels consistently and efficiently. Now is the time to schedule your free consultation with Pack Leader USA to learn more about our specialized labeling solutions today. We can help you find the right machine for your packaging type and your production capacity.