Pivoting your business? Here's how to make & label hand sanitizer.

Businesses who never gave hand sanitizer a thought have suddenly shifted gears and became essential producers.

Hand sanitizer is, by all accounts, a product with a solid future. As numerous commentators have informed us, the "new normal" will look very different once the COVID-19 pandemic is...

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Wine Bottle & Wine Box Label Design & Application Ideas

Here are some ideas, examples, and resources for wine bottle and wine box label designs and applications.

During the COVID-19 shutdowns, there have been vast differences in how small businesses are affected. For businesses in the wine industry, things can look very different depending on which...

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How Packaging Affects Manufacturing, Shipping, and Shelving

A step back from our usual topic of labeling, this post examines growth opportunities related to packaging.

Packaging is an important subject for any business that produces a physical product, affecting efficiency, costs, and sales. It should be a central focus whenever you are coming up with a...

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