How to Label Lipstick Packaging & Other Cosmetics

Tiny tubes are tough to get labels on unless you have the right equipment.

Your lipstick packaging labels have some heavy lifting to do. They must conform to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, be compelling and appealing to attract customers, convey the information the customer needs...

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6 Challenges Every CBD Oil Manufacturers Faces

Don’t worry, there are solutions.

The world has been under high stress for the last several years. Is it any wonder that CBD sales have exploded? Even with the pervasiveness of CBD products on the market, there are still growing pains that you, the CBD oil manufacturers, have to endure. As with any...

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Key Components That Help or Hinder a CBD Manufacturing Line


Get rid of the inefficient and embrace the productive.

A CBD manufacturing line is like a musical instrument. If all the pieces and parts are in their place working at their optimum efficiency, then what comes out the other end is beautiful music. But, if one of the elements in your line is out...

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