CBD Packaging Lines: 4 Ways to Work Better & Eliminate Mistakes


What are CBD facilities doing to get their products to market faster than others? 

No CBD packaging line is perfect, but some are closer than others. Some facilities turn out high-quality products at seemingly breakneck speed, while others seem to be staffed by error-prone sloths. And on top...

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7 Things to Consider When Shopping for a CBD Product Labeler


The right labeler will label accurately and consistently, keeping your packaging looking great.

CBD is mainstream now. Many consumers consider it to be another everyday product sandwiched between aspirin and bandages. Forbes declared its permanence in the marketplace, and celebrities endorse...

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6 Reasons Why CBD Manufacturers Choose Pack Leader USA Labelers

As your company grows, you’ll need to upgrade from manual labeling to labeling equipment to keep up with demand.

As your company expands from selling in small specialty shops to national retail chains, you're well aware that labeling can no longer be a manual operation. Since you're looking to...

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