Why Choose FL-12 as Your Cosmetics Bottle Filling Machine


Find out how the right bottle filling machine can improve your current cosmetic packaging line.

What are the most important metrics for determining packaging line efficiency in your cosmetics production facility? This question may sound rhetorical, but it's one that should be in the back of your...

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How to Adapt Labeling to Fit New Perfume Trends


Perfume brands need to represent sustainability, diversity, and be shareable on social media.

The pandemic was unkind to many industries, but fragrances were hit hard. Why bother putting on perfume if there’s nowhere to go? And how would someone even discover a new scent if they couldn’t head to...

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Why It’s Time to Update Your Perfume Bottle Labels

Outdated label designs and inconsistent applications can send the wrong message to consumers.

Stagnation occurs when a change IS necessary, but the manufacturer refuses to accept progress or fix a glaring flaw. 

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