5 Easy Ways You Can Achieve the Same Label Quality as Popular Cosmetics Companies

Attractive, polished packaging is essential in an industry where appearances definitely matter.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but it’s also big business — and if you want to be competitive in the cosmetics industry, your label needs to look the part. Thanks to technology advances, enhancing your...

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5 Cosmetic Labeling Requirements to Keep in Mind

When it comes to planning your cosmetics labels, there are five key points that you need to remember. From the size and placement of your labels to the font you use, the FDA has cracked down on cosmetics companies in recent years and added a variety of new cosmetic labeling requirements in order...

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Wrap-Around Labelers for Lipstick Tubes or Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmetic bottles and lipstick tubes come in a huge range of sizes and styles today. Every cosmetics manufacturer is trying to redesign traditional tubes to stand out on the store shelves. Of course, this means that their labels are also becoming more complex. Choosing the right labeler to handle...

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