Pro Labeling Tips for Private Label Cosmetics

Your fantastic product is only half-finished without an equally fantastic label.

Whether you’re a manufacturer of private label cosmetics or a retailer looking to design spectacular packaging to market these products, it’s important to have a solid plan for your endgame. That means making sure...

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Perfume Packaging: Design & Label Application Tips for Your New Perfume Bottle

In an industry that thrives on good impressions, following these best practices to create shelf appeal should not be an afterthought.

You’ve got a new perfume fragrance that you’re ready to start bottling. Now what? In the excitement to get the product to market, it may be tempting to slap a...

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5 Easy Ways You Can Achieve the Same Label Quality as Popular Cosmetics Companies

Attractive, polished packaging is essential in an industry where appearances definitely matter.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but it’s also big business — and if you want to be competitive in the cosmetics industry, your label needs to look the part. Thanks to technology advances, enhancing your...

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