Wrap-Around Labelers for Lipstick Tubes or Cosmetic Bottles

Cosmetic bottles and lipstick tubes come in a huge range of sizes and styles today. Every cosmetics manufacturer is trying to redesign traditional tubes to stand out on the store shelves. Of course, this means that their labels are also becoming more complex. Choosing the right labeler to handle...

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From Eyeliner to Lipstick with a Wrap Labeler

Cosmetics are some of the most difficult products to package and label. The industry's obsession with beauty demands that the packaging itself looks as good as the finished product when it's applied. Unfortunately, tiny eyeliners and lipsticks are a challenge due to their size and the huge array...

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Revitalize your Image with Cosmetic Label Application Machines

Using the right label application machine for your Cosmetic Containers can make a huge difference in the overall quality and appearance of your product. When your customers pick up a product off the shelf they want to see a clean and easy to read label that provides them with everything they...

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