Should You Hire a Co-Packer to Package Your CBD Oil?

The right answer depends on your business growth goals. 

If your CDB company is exceeding sales numbers and has ambitious growth goals, you may have to decide if you want to build up your operations or turn it over to a co-packer. It's a tough choice, and it depends on your financial position,...

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How to Take Your CBD Filling & Capping to the Next Level


It’s great that consumers want your CBD products — but can your operation keep up with fulfillment?

You may have noticed that online CBD sales increased during the pandemic because a product that relieves stress certainly should sell well during a high-stress time. Those who sold CBD products...

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Ready to Move from Hand Capping to a Semi-Automatic Capping Machine?

Hand capping worked just fine initially, but with demand increase, it’s not cutting it anymore. 

Production is going gangbusters. Your company is picking up sales all around the country. Profits have soared. Everything is going swimmingly. But then reports started coming in that caps have been...

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