Why Choose FL-12 as Your Cosmetics Bottle Filling Machine


Find out how the right bottle filling machine can improve your current cosmetic packaging line.

What are the most important metrics for determining packaging line efficiency in your cosmetics production facility? This question may sound rhetorical, but it's one that should be in the back of your...

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Bottle Capping Machines 101: What to Know Before Buying


An automatic bottle capping machine can save time and money.

Screw-on bottle lids are simple inventions. Of course, even though they’re not complicated, you might be surprised how recently they were invented. Up until the 1850s, corks were how bottles were sealed. The bottle cap came along, and...

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Filling Equipment 101: What to Look for in A Bottle Filler


Depending on budget and output goals, you may want a semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machine.

Starting a business is expensive. The expenditures can add up rapidly before a single product is ready for sale. 

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