Filling Equipment 101: What to Look for in A Bottle Filler


Depending on budget and output goals, you may want a semi-automatic or fully automatic filling machine.

Starting a business is expensive. The expenditures can add up rapidly before a single product is ready for sale. 

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Why Upgrade to Essential Oil Filling & Capping Machines


Your employees may be fast, but filling and capping machines are faster and more accurate.

Many essential oils manufacturers begin production with manual operations to keep costs down. But as sales pick up and demand increases, employees’ limits will quickly be exceeded, and there may be...

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Should You Hire a Co-Packer to Package Your CBD Oil?

The right answer depends on your business growth goals. 

If your CDB company is exceeding sales numbers and has ambitious growth goals, you may have to decide if you want to build up your operations or turn it over to a co-packer. It's a tough choice, and it depends on your financial position,...

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