Isopropanol & Ethanol: How to Make Any Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer Smell Good & Look Credible


Your sanitizer can work well and smell good, giving you an edge in an over-crowded market.

Anyone marketing a new hand sanitizer in 2019 would have seen the 9% compound annual growth rate projections (CAGR) and had a reasonable expectation of the market conditions as they sought to make a profit....

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6 Things Your Disinfectant Spray & Wipe Labels Should Include

Consumers want to see labels that instill trust.

The labels on your disinfectant sprays and wipes need to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and be easily understood by consumers. Studies show it is not enough to simply follow the government's rules to achieve the...

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Pivoting your business? Here's how to make & label hand sanitizer.

Businesses who never gave hand sanitizer a thought have suddenly shifted gears and became essential producers.

Hand sanitizer is, by all accounts, a product with a solid future. As numerous commentators have informed us, the "new normal" will look very different once the COVID-19 pandemic is behind...

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