FDA Compliance Considerations for Your Kombucha Label

Label requirements can be confusing, even for veteran brewers.

As you watch your freshly bottled Kombucha move down the conveyor belt, you start worrying about the labeling requirements. You remember 2010 when bottles of Kombucha were removed from store shelves because Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and...

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Bottling Kombucha: What Are the Most Popular Trends?


Kombucha demand is growing, and competition is strengthening. 

With more and more kombucha competition hitting the shelves, supermarkets are narrowing their selections to brands with the highest consumer appeal. As you’re bottling kombucha, it’s important to make sure your product is keeping up...

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Your Top 4 Kombucha Labeler Questions Answered

Kombucha labeling has come under scrutiny lately due to a growing interest from the general public in the supposed health benefits of Kombucha teas and coffees. As a result, manufacturers need to choose a Kombucha labeler that meets all of the regulatory guidelines set forth by the FDA and Alcohol...

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