What to Look For In a Labeling Machine for Meal Delivery Kits


When packaging and labels look bad, consumers assume the food inside is subpar, too.

People expect their meal kits to arrive looking like they do in commercials. Anything less is disappointing. When food kit packaging and labels aren’t ready for prime time, the impression is that the food...

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6 KPIs for Developing Your Meal Kit Packaging Line Strategy


Orders are pouring in. It’s time to create a plan to fulfill them quickly and accurately — here’s how. 

This probably isn’t news to you, but meal kits got pretty popular starting quarter two of 2020. To give specific numbers, by the beginning of 2021, the meal kit industry had largely been...

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6 Ways to Speed Up Your Meal Kit Packaging Line

An increase in meal kit orders is GREAT… unless you can’t keep up fulfillment. 

The Meal Kit industry was facing an unfurled scroll's worth of challenges before the pandemic, from a lack of customer retention to a saturated market with massive amounts of competition, when suddenly the entire...

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