Best Type of Beer Bottle Labels

Beer bottle labels can make or break a purchase. The more recognizable and attractive the label, the more likely you will secure a curious or repeat customer. Portraying your craft brew in the right light serves as a sales pitch to anyone who sees it. And a good beer bottle label can spark...

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What Needs to be Included on Your Candle Label?


If you're selling a candle, you want to showcase an attractive design that appeals to potential customers. But what you want to include on the label is very different from what you need to include. While pleasant and relaxing, candles still pose safety issues and could be a fire hazard. To combat...

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FDA Label Guide: What is Required for Your Product?


You'll have to follow the FDA label guidelines if you have a product intended for consumption. They're relatively straightforward, and many include beneficial information for your customers. It's worth it to take some time now to flip through a guide to make the process a lot easier on yourself...

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