Canned Wines: Why Wine in Cans May Be Here to Stay

As wine cans begin to gain momentum, smart labeling strategies are more important than ever.

Much like its boxed cousin, canned wine is an idea that’s taken some time to grow on people — especially those concerned about quality. Although it’s been around for more than a decade now, canned wine...

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4 Things Wineries Should Know About Wine Labeling [Download Guide]

Now more than ever, your wine bottle labels need to communicate quality.

It may come as no surprise that forecasts for the wine industry in the roaring 2020s continue to look bright. However, the consumer focus is expected to shift slightly to a preference of quality over quantity, meaning brand...

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6 Best Practices for Labeling Wine Bottles to Ensure Your Spot in an Ultra-Competitive Industry

With the number of wineries on the rise, it’s more important than ever to present a polished, consistent product by using a quality labeling machine.

The number of wineries in the United States has doubled over the past decade, having recently surpassed the 10,000 mark. At the same time, after...

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