3 Wine Buyer Segments Your Winery Should Target


The key to growth is to retain current customers while connecting with new ones. 

Sales of your wine have gone gangbusters since last year. In fact, wine sales were up 19.3% by volume and 24.7% by value across the board during the first six months of the pandemic. Yes, restaurant sales...

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Tips for Shipping Wine Without Compromising Quality & Appearance

In 2020, customer convenience became a top priority.  

The move towards online sales and home delivery and away from in-store purchases was already growing before the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone indoors. But what was once a tactic that allowed consumers to stay in their pajamas while they...

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Keep Up Wine Production & Sales by Avoiding These Costly Packaging Mistakes


Trying to save a few dollars can end up being expensive. 

With lockdowns and quarantines, people have been enjoying their cocktails and drinks of choice at home, not at bars or pubs like they were a year ago. This shift, paired with generational differences, has seen the trend emerge of...

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