Keep Up Wine Production & Sales by Avoiding These Costly Packaging Mistakes


Trying to save a few dollars can end up being expensive. 

With lockdowns and quarantines, people have been enjoying their cocktails and drinks of choice at home, not at bars or pubs like they were a year ago. This shift, paired with generational differences, has seen the trend emerge of...

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How Augmented Reality Labels Work & Which Industries Are Benefiting from Them

Augmented reality labels may someday be the rule rather than the exception. 

The label you affix to your product — whether it’s on packaged food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, or something else — has a lot of jobs to do. It must grab attention on the shelf, provide...

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Wine Bottle & Wine Box Label Design & Application Ideas

Here are some ideas, examples, and resources for wine bottle and wine box label designs and applications.

During the COVID-19 shutdowns, there have been vast differences in how small businesses are affected. For businesses in the wine industry, things can look very different depending on which...

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