Shrink Labels Make Curvy Containers Look Good

Your design team worked long and hard to create a beautiful, unique label designs for your product. However, all those curves and accents make it nearly impossible to lay down a label using conventional equipment. In order to eliminate bubbles, tears and wrinkles in your labels, you must turn to...

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Revitalize your Image with Cosmetic Label Application Machines

Using the right label application machine for your Cosmetic Containers can make a huge difference in the overall quality and appearance of your product. When your customers pick up a product off the shelf they want to see a clean and easy to read label that provides them with everything they...

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Is Your Label Passing Food Label Requirements?

Due to concerns over health and safety of food products in the US, the FDA has put together a comprehensive list of food label requirements that all manufacturers and distributors must follow. This list includes nutritional information, as well as important identifying information about the...

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