High Speed Label Applicator for Your Cosmetic Applicators

Cosmetics products come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. From tiny pencil style applicators to wider contouring sticks and lipstick applicators, you need a high speed label applicator that meets your needs. Labeling on cosmetics applicators typically serves two purposes: identifying your...

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How to Label Beer Bottles: The Easy Way and The Hard Way

You've probably already asked yourself how to label beer bottles more effectively for your craft brewery. The answer is there is an easy way to go about it, and there is a hard way. If you are dealing with budget constraints or just starting out, you may be left with only one option to choose...

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Printed Shrink Sleeves Gone Wrong

Have you ever picked up a product from the shelf and noticed that the image on the shrink sleeve label is visibly distorted or twisted? What about when the printed shrink sleeves are applied in a way that makes the barcode or text illegible? Both of these cases have a major impact on the way...

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