Household Cleaners: How to Properly Label a Cleaning Product Container

Your labels should satisfy government requirements, withstand use, and make customers take notice.

Cleaning and disinfectant product labels have to be eye-catching to potential customers, withstand constant handling, adhere to containers for months or even years, and endure contact with the...

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6 Things Your Disinfectant Spray & Wipe Labels Should Include

Consumers want to see labels that instill trust.

The labels on your disinfectant sprays and wipes need to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and be easily understood by consumers. Studies show it is not enough to simply follow the government's rules to achieve the...

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Hand Labeled vs. Label Applicator Machine — Which Is Right for Your Manufacturing Line?

Poorly applied labels will cost you time, money, and sales. 

Overlapping, crooked, bubbling, or peeling labels can cause a potential customer to pass right by your product without a second thought. If this is a problem your operation faces, it could be the result of applying labels by hand....

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